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Radiology & Pathology's Most Important Summit On the Integration of Molecular Imaging & Diagnostics

It’s the most exciting intersection of genomic technologies in medicine today! Innovators are pushing forward to integrate molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics in ways that shift current paradigms in patient care…and our Molecular Summit brings all the key players together at one time and one place.

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Molecular Summit Video
Here's what you will find at Molecular Summit

• Meet global leaders forging forward with integrated diagnostics services that combine imaging with molecular diagnostics.

• Hear 27 Top Speakers, Leaders, and Thinkers

• Hear how pioneers are combining molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics to achieve remarkable patient outcomes.

• See emerging technologies at a unique exhibition with vendors in radiology, pathology, and informatics.

• Explore how and why informatics will play a key role in fostering the integration of molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics.


Experts declare it to be the most disruptive trend in healthcare today. Yet radiology and pathology have yet to grasp the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.

Many radiologists and pathologists remain unaware that corporate healthcare giants such as Siemens and General Electric are investing billions to reshape the diagnostic landscape. They've told Wall Street about their respective plans to integrate in vivo and in vitro diagnostics. But it's a business and clinical strategy that remains unknown to those radiologists and pathologists who will be most affected.

That's been particularly true in recent months. Last May, General Electric announced a joint venture with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Funded with $20 million from each partner, Omnyx, LLC declared that it would have a fully digital pathology system through regulatory approval and into the marketplace within 24 months. In early October, Siemens announced an investment in BioImagene, Inc., an emerging company that is selling digital imaging and digital pathology services.

These recent actions by the world’s two largest imaging corporations demonstrate how the forces of convergence are bringing molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics together.

To help you understand this new vision for molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics, we’ve assembled an international faculty of experts and early adopters in radiology and pathology. On February 10-11, 2009, the international summit on integration of in vivo and in vitro diagnostics took place in Philadelphia. You could have a front row seat to learn how innovators are advancing clinical care and enhancing their financial stability by incorporating the latest molecular imaging techniques in tandem with emerging molecular diagnostics in 2011.

This may be the single most important event this year for your radiology practice and pathology group. Ensure your success in molecular imaging and diagnostics by reserving your place at the In Vivo/In Vitro Summit.

Molecular Summit is part of The Dark Intelligence Group, Inc. and is dedicated to bringing useful business and management intelligence to managers and administrators of clinical diagnostic services, pathologists, radiologists, and industry executives. Our recognized expertise in the strategic direction of diagnostic medicine and the management of clinical diagnostics is available through DARK Daily, THE DARK REPORT, the Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management, Lab Quality Confab, timely White Papers, and strategic consulting services.

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